Two Sheep


Frequently Asked Questions

Q "Can we be picked up from the Airport or Accommodation?"

A Absolutely! For a small service fee, we will come pick you up from anywhere within the Christchurch area.

Q "Do you charge for kilometers driven?"

A Nope, we don't! Drive your little heart out anywhere in the South Island.

Q "Are there any restrictions on driving?"

A Do not drive on: any 4WD recommended road, sand, ice or mud- you WILL get stuck.

Q "Can we drop your van off somewhere other than Christchurch?"

A Unfortunately not! We are still a growing company and do not have the vans or resources to e able to service any city other than Christchurch currently.

Q " We have special requests!"

A Ask away! We are always keen to accommodate you on your trip, so let us know if we can help.

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