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At Precise Campers, being positive is part of our day by day thinking.

We love to transfer this feeling to everyone and connect New Zealand nature with the world.


A few years back, we traveled around the New Zealand with our improvised campervan, in the journey, we learned different things, interacting with tourists from different country's and culture. In the end, putting together all our experiences, we realized that there are two common characteristics in the locals and tourist. Positive environment and connection with others thru their culture.


For that reason, we decided to accompany your journey with positive phrases on each of our vehicles that could touch your and other's souls.

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Our campervans are your home away from home. Enjoy traveling New Zealand in a compact and easy to drive van that can put you in contact with the most beautiful spots in New Zealand.
We build these with our heart, putting together for you a compact and cozy little home with the things you need to enjoy your trip.

Exploring New Zealand

uuuuuuSouth Island, put together for you the most amazing scenarios with the perfect combination between nature, ecology and weather that will make a difference in your holiday. 

Enjoying the flavors 


Food With a variety of  different ethnics food and wine cellars, your holiday will be full of flavors.

AA Logo.jpeg